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2012 conference logoThe RETRACK project is applying an innovative rail freight service concept to the movement of rail freight across Europe.  This is being achieved through the design, development and implementation of a commercial trans-European rail freight service along the rail corridor between Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Hungary. The Project contributes to the European Commissionís aspirations of a modal shift of freight traffic from road to rail with a market share of 15% by 2020 to achieve commercial viability and contribute to sustainable mobility. This aspiration is also supported by the European Rail Research Advisory Councilís (ERRAC) aim of boosting railís market share of freight to a similar level.

The project has developed links with other emergent corridors from the TEN-T network as well as those assessed in the REORIENT, NEW OPERA and TREND projects.

Overall, the RETRACK project addresses the issues arising from transforming vision into practice and establishes a clear demonstration to the rail freight and wider logistics industry that pan European continental rail freight can be competitive, reliable and value for money. The RETRACK freight operators and allied parties are working together with leading research and development organisations to achieve this goal.

The RETRACK rail service has run from The Netherlands to Germany to Hungary since February 2010 and will continue to do so after the research project ends.