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Secondary objectives

The attainment by the RETRACK projectís main objective will be carried out through the following tasks:
  • Determining of types of barriers that obstruct the supply of competitive rail intermodal service in corridors of operations.
  • Removing/circumventing existing constraints through technological innovation, efficient operations and inputs from scientific research.
  • Supplying the energy-efficient competitive rail service that enhances competitiveness of transferred goods.
  • Determining how the barriers hindering deployment of new operations systems for train path allocation could be tackled.
  • Applying innovative rail vehicles and cargo transfer technologies for transfer of containers, swap bodies and trailers along the RETRACK corridors.
  • Facilitating safe transfer of cargo documentation to all supply chain parties by employing functionalities of an ICT platform.
  • Supply of high-quality rail service by deploying innovative and cost-effective rolling stock.
  • Removing/circumventing existing constraints as well as facilitating opportunities related to the applied train control- and command systems throughout the corridor, including those parts covered by the new ERTMS-system.
  • Applying innovative operations planning, scheduling, and routing management techniques for supply of high-quality rail service.
  • Streamlining the rail goods flows by dealing with market-related and legislative constrains such as working time limitations, shortages of qualified personnel, and traffic hindrances.
  • Devising strategies for shifting considerable goods volumes from road to the RETRACK rail corridors.
  • Compressing the noise/emissions/vibrations and accident occurrence during the projectís duration by transferring sizable goods volumes from road to RETRACK-served intermodal rail corridors.
  • Devising business models for until 2015 market entrenchment of the RETRACK operators, and attaining a competitive level of financial profitability and returns on investments.
  • Establishing a joint venture between rail operators serving the RETRACK international corridors and strategic alliances with shippers, other transport suppliers (e.g., shipping lines) and logistical intermediaries for long-term access to large goods repositories.

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