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The project aims to improve the quality and efficiency within and across different freight transport modes through benchmarking in logistics and co-modality. The benchmarking will be conducted in three areas of logistics: transport chain, terminals and policy.

bestLog is the EC's largest Coordination Action in Logistics. bestLog's success depends heavily on the involvement of stakeholders from industry and governments. And it will be very valuable getting involved in the biggest project ever started by the Directorate-General Energy and Transport. Participants in the workshops and conference will get access to first hand information on recent logistics developments, best practices and the European Commission's transport strategy.

e-FREIGHT is an integrated project within the EU's 7th Framework programme The e-Freight project aims to support, from a transport perspective, the three pillars of European Policy namely: Strengthening of the internal market and competitiveness; Improving regulation to create a more dynamic business environment; Promoting sustainable development.

Freight Transport FORESIGHT 2050
The projectís objective is to develop a long-term vision and robust and adaptive action plan both for transport and technology policy for sustainable long-distance freight transport.

FREIGHTWISE is an integrated project within the EU's 6th Framework Programme that aims at bringing together three different sectors: Transport Management, Traffic and Infrastructure Management and administration. The FREIGHTWISE project will support the co-operation of these sectors in order to develop and demonstrate suitable intermodal transport solutions in a range of business cases.

The InterBaltic project is initiated by the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and seconded by the Baltic Development Forum based on the assumption that there will be a huge increase in transportation and logistics related to the Baltic sea region. This situation will affect business development and living conditions in general, and thus the call for important political decisions. The main focus of the project will be to develop practical actions in a partnership between the public and private sector based on a common strategic platform.

New OPERA stands for New European Wish: Operating Project for a European Rail Network and is a Coordinated Action in the area of joint European railway research. The project officially started on 1 January 2005 with a total project duration of 3.5 years. New OPERA will study the necessary step changes for achieving a long-term scenario 2020 of a core network predominantly dedicated to rail freight. New OPERA (Part C) will be coordinated and cooperating with the Coordinated Actions TREND and REORIENT (Parts A, B) of the same call for proposals.

PROMIT is a Coordination Action funded by the European Commission, under the 6th Framework Programme, with main objectives to contribute to a faster improvement and implementation of intermodal freight transport technologies and procedures, and to help Promoting Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport and modal shift by creating awareness on innovations, best practices and intermodal transport opportunities for potential users as well as politicians and research community.

RAIL CARGO is a Netherlands Foundation, a public-private initiative, was incorporated on 30 June 2003. The Foundationís objective is to promote the use of railways for goods transport and to improve the shippers and logistic services providersí image of rail freight transport.

TREND gathers all necessary information to assess the general progress in the establishment of an European Railway Area. As a core product TREND will provide an evaluation scheme for integration and interoperability ready to be exploited by the European Railway Agency.


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