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8. Balkans Intermodal & Logistics Conference 2007, 8-9th November, Sofia, BG
August 16th, 2007
Balkans Intermodal and Logistics Conference 2007 is an International conference, supported by the European Commission - DG TREN, and the main associations – EIA-European Intermodal Association, UIRR-International Union of Combined Road-Rail transport companies, ECSA- European Community Shipowners Association, EFIP-European Federation of Inland Ports, ESN- European Short Sea Network, AMRIE, as well as the national organizations – actors of the I &SPC Bulgaria. Balkans Intermodal and Logistics Conference 2007 – The S. E. Europe Freight Transport Forum, will take place with support and participation of the Ministry of Transport of Bulgaria and with kind cooperation of the Executives of the main freight transport companies in the Balkans. During the Conference there will be accompanying events: European Intermodal Award Ceremony 2007, PROMIT Project Workshop, SERG Freight Transport Committee Meeting and CREAM Project Board Meeting.

As you know the Southeast Europe - The Balkans - are very dynamic and important area for freight transport and logistics development, one of the last European regions, toward which are directed the interests of the European Commission, National Governments, professional organizations, industry, freight transport companies, terminal operators, shipping lines, banks and many others.

What are the EU action plans for freight transport and logistics and the measures taken for their improvement? What about National plans? What is the impact of EU Projects and Business study ?
What are the positions of the Government administrators, transport business circles, multinational companies, which are forming and formulating the European freight transport and logistics policy . Where are forwarded the freight flows trough the European freight transport corridors? What is the rail freight oriented network in the Balkans? What is the mega - corridors impact?
How is developing the expansion of the West European Intermodal / CT companies towards the Balkans region? What are the viewpoints and recommendations of the European shippers and transport logistics companies? What about the project consortiums?
The strong rivalry in the S .E .Europe to attract money, cargoes and customers necessitates to accelerate modernization of infra and superstructure, bettering transport services, as well as establishing of new intermodal terminals, freight villages and logistics clusters for achievement of strategic advantages.
There are necessary new logistics solutions and schemes for transportation. The competition catalyzes international partnership and leads to the establishment of transport and logistics joint-ventures.
Who with whom and how will develop the intermodal / combined transport and freight logistics of the Balkans? The changes are coming. Are we ready for them? Time to Action .

I have the pleasant obligation to invite the Project manager or other very important person from your Consortium to be a speaker at the Conference, and to make a presentation about ReTrack Project. Please contact us as soon as possible. Participation as a speaker will be free of registration fee.
Please, inform your Consortium members who are interested in participation at the Main Balkans Conference and the accompanying events . We need more cooperation, more joint activity, more projects.

Balkans Intermodal and Logistics Conference 2007 is a right, exact place to exchange actual business information for freight transport ideas, offering of new transport services, presenting plans for modernization of the sea and inland port terminals, as well as establishment of intermodal terminals, freight villages and logistics clusters in S. E. Europe.
Balkans Intermodal and Logistics Conference 2007 will present the viewpoints of prominent speakers: decision-makers from government administration, executives of companies and institutions which have influence and determine the development of the freight transportation and logistics in the S E Europe.
Balkans Intermodal and Logistics Conference 2007 will give an opportunity to present viewpoints and discuss different offers and projects represented in the reports, in order participants to define better their own competitive strategies, partnerships and trends for business development.

George Petkov
Director Intermodal & Shortsea Promotion Centre Bulgaria
Director of the Conference BIL 2007
T/F 00359 52 60 1011,
Varna 9000 ,Bulgaria P.O.Box 2

Let’s make together the Balkans better place for freight transport and logistics.

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