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11. Warning issued over CO2 emissions from freight transport
October 29th, 2007
The freight transport sector still contributes 21 per cent of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the UK transport sector, a new report warns.

Companies are being urged to act immediately to reduce carbon emissions and help combat climate change, as freight transport emissions levels continue to remain high, Transport Intelligence reports.

According to the report by the CarbonNeutral Company, despite efforts to reduce emissions by the freight sector since 1995, the last estimate placed carbon dioxide emissions from freight transport (such as HGV, vans, waterway, rail and air) at 33.7 million a year and the government is aiming to reduce this by 28 per cent.

The consultancy and carbon offset business claims that climate change is "the most pressing environmental issue we face today", indicating that it is important to make supply chains as 'green' as possible by cutting vehicle kilometres, improving operational efficiencies, reducing empty running and switching to less carbon intensive modes of transport.

Government figures indicate that transport accounted for about 24 per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2002 and is the second largest sources of UK end-user emissions, after the business sector.

The 2004 transport strategy in The Future of Transport: a network for 2030 White Paper stressed the importance of balancing increasing demand for transport against environmental concerns.

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