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14. WP3: New Rail freight service concept
November 16th, 2007
Progress report on WP3

WP3, the “New rail freight service concept" of the RETRACK project held a workshop in Graz, Austria on 24th - 25th October. The objectives of the workshop were twofold: prepare the first two deliverables to the commission (Operational and technical barriers and Outline of business plan) and preparation for the commercial partners operations that have to apply for slots on the track next spring.

A draft route with potential stops/HUBs was presented by European Bulls, as well as a draft time-schedule. Excellent provided a logbook that will catalogue the technical conditions along the corridor and could be used by operators for train planning. TØI is progressing with the development of a Cost-Revenue model for assessing the pricing strategies needed for balancing outlays generated by train operations.

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