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17. WP0: Project management
November 16th, 2007
Progress report on WP0

The General Assembly (GA) was held on 7th September 2007. The GA was preceded by a meeting of the workpackage (WP) leaders.

Important decisions were taken at the GA concerning the expansion of the consortium towards Romania. A decision was taken concerning the composition of the consortium: a new partner, TRANSPETROL, will enter the RETRACK consortium.

At the meeting it was concluded that we are on track with regard to project planning. Viable demand has been identified by WP1.

At the GA a first rough critical time path was presented that will be elaborated at the next GA.

In order to carry out the proposals for a Contract Amendment, an alignment of the Technical Annexe was prepared and concluded with partners. This means that budgets and a few planning items needed adaptation, this process being coordinated by involved partners.

Governmental Advisory Board (GovtAB): At the GA it was agreed that the Advisory Board with respect to Governmental institutions was to be installed soon in order to be on time for the implementation of the pilot. It was agreed that Mrs Brigit Gijsbers, head of unit “Railway Transport” at the Dutch Ministry of Transport will be chairing the advisory board. With Mrs Gijsbers and her staff a start was made for setting up the GovtAB, the first meeting is planned right after the AB (place and date to be made public soon). This timing of the GovtAB right after the GA allows for elements identified in the critical path to be put forward to the GovtAB. Preparation is now being taken to install a Shippers AB (ShipAB).

TNO will deliver RETRACK speeches at: Clustering Conference in Istanbul 25/26 October 2007 and Balkans Intermodal 7/8 November.

The next GA and WPT will be held in Budapest (HU) on 7th/8th February 2008.

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