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13. WP4: Large Scale interoperability
November 16th, 2007
Progress report on WP4

Requirements analysis "IT requirements interoperability" is 75% finished regarding the topics Order Management, Planning and Scheduling, Data Structures and was finally discussed with Rail4Chem, Germany. Hartmut Gasser is organizing a meeting with LTE and EUB in November 07 to get their commitment. A specification is written (in German) and will be translated by us with respect to D4.1 deadline.

The SOPTIM Team is still working on the development of the prototype. We are focusing on the order management and the planning and scheduling processes. It is also necessary to develop a common understanding on the underlying data structures. (First step in our milestone planning has been presented in Delft.) Actual plan is to have a runnable demonstrator (modules: Order Management, Master Data) at the end of December 07.

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