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18. WP0: Project Management
November 26th, 2007
Progress Report on WP0 - October 2007

Visit to project officer Brussels: the preparation of the contract amendment was discussed. Further issues that were discussed are alignment to other EC initiatives. Usually once a month a visit to the project officer is undertaken in addition to phone calls and other means of communication.

RETRACK speeches were given at Clustering Conference in Istanbul 25/26 October 2007 and Balkans Intermodal 7/8 November. We had a good presentation in Sofia for a large audience. Other stakeholders were at the conference: the EC, different Ministries and market parties. I will contact each of the persons I met there, and will look for RETRACK opportunities. CREAM also presented at this meeting and a copy of their powerpoint is in the partners section of this website under Document Exchange/General Assembly/Meetings/Sofia091107.

Also we have met SERVTRANS in Sofia and we are currently in the process of extending the consortium in Romania. We have had a meeting with SERVTRANS and TRANSPETROL. Shortly the consortium will be asked formally for a budget neutral consortium extension where SERVTRANS will be included in the consortium as was discussed at the last GA in Delft. Also we have contacted people who might be interested (notably extension towards TRACECA, Rail Baltica and Marco Polo projects).

A visit was paid to the project officer Dr Schlickmann and the financial officer Mrs van den Berghe.

Dr Schlickmann repeated that he wants to see that deliverables become available in December. Despite the fact that we have many contract amendments the Commission also learns from our experience, they feel now that in order to suit business they need more flexible instruments. But we are managing within the FP6 structure and I have met the financial officer as well so that makes things run more easily in the future. I have another visit to Dr Schlickmann on 17th December.

Further we were asked to be present on 23th January at New Opera in Brussels. I will also be giving a presentation at ECMT in Paris in November, where I will meet Advisory Board members. The AB-meeting is scheduled after our GA/PMT meetings in Budapest in February.

An interview with Rail4Chem for the December edition of the magazine of the Dutch Shippers Council (EVO) is planned for 22nd November.

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