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23. WP0: Project Management
January 11th, 2008
Progress Report on WP0 - December 2007

First of all a happy 2008. The period just before Christmas was very hectic. We started this period in late November with an interview with R4C for the Christmas edition, nice pictures were taken of an R4C train with me and Arjen den Hollander of R4C. A visit was paid to Dr Schlickmann in order to keep processes running at the Commission. At the same time the inclusion of our Romanian partner in the contract takes quite some arranging, but it seems that we are in a learning curve concerning Contract Amendments, they go much faster as we gain in experience and also the Commission is experiencing the same learning curve.

As we are now 8 months into the RETRACK project the first Workpackages are about to finish and deliverables to be sent in to the Commission. WP1 is finished and WP2 nearly finished. In total 15 deliverables from WP1, WP2 and WP3 have been reviewed according to the designed process and have been sent to the Commission for approval.

At the same time we have made arrangements for the Governmental Advisory Board which will be chaired by Brigit Gijsbers, head of the railway unit of the Dutch Ministry Transport. Representatives from the Ministries of Transport from countries along the corridor will participate. With the Advisory Board we hope to get good advice concerning the development of the corridor and on the difficulties we will encounter in developing our corridor. The meeting will be held in Vienna on the 14 February.

Last but not least the General Assembly (GA) and the Project Management Team (PMT) will be held in Budapest on 7 and 8 February 2008.

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