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29. News from Rail Freight Group
February 28th, 2008
The Rail Freight Group published these news items on 1st February 2008. They can be read in full at:

RFGN 73 leads with news of new terminal developments in the South East of England; the largest, at Howbury Park in the London Borough of Bexley, will create a brand new 2.1 m sq ft strategic rail freight interchange on a 158 acre site in a segment of London ill served by existing terminals.

In addition, Lafarge has opened a new rail, river and road distribution hub at West Thurrock for building materials to serve construction sites across London, including the Stratford Olympics site.

Finally, Jerry Clarke, Assistant Harbourmaster at Portsmouth Commercial Port, has created the Portsmouth International Goods Yard in the centre of Portsmouth – now open for business!

These developments demonstrate that, at last, British government policy to encourage new terminals is beginning to bear fruit, but there is a long way to go and, unsurprisingly, RFG points out that, without terminals, it is very difficult to operate rail freight services.

In the issue of RFG News, also reported are the ongoing Periodic Review by the ORR of Network Rail’s access charges, issues on the Channel Tunnel and the Rail Link and on how the price of oil may affect future demand for rail freight.

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