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33. WP0: Project Management
March 6th, 2008
Progress Report on WP0 - February 2008

In February we spent time guiding the EC through the first two contract amendments, which took longer than was expected. Also the third contract amendment was send to the Commission, covering the extension of the consortium to include our Romanian partner SERVTRANS.

The General Assembly and Project Management Team meetings were held in Budapest. No major voting items were on either agenda. During both meetings each WP was presented so that the progress was visible in all WPs. A major continuation of the development of the corridor was shown by the WP8 led by TRANSPETROL which is responsible for the pilot. The single corridor was extended with branches towards Lyon and Ludwigshaven. The corridor becomes a sort of "backbone" in rail transport towards Central and Eastern Europe.

Also in this period the Governmental Advisory board was held with stakeholders (Ministries and Infrastructure managers) from the five countries along the corridor and the project officer from the Commission, Dr Schlickmann. Participants deemed it very useful to talk in a smaller setting about specific problems. In addition specific issues could be raised that were important for RETRACK (procedures for requesting a trainpath, monitoring the quality, terminal availability).

Deliverables that were due in the first reporting period were all sent to the Commission for review. The half year progress report was sent to the Commission and preparations for the third three-monthly progress report were started.

Coming up next is the final three-month period of the first year. Partners will need to report in detail about costs for the first year of RETRACK in this first reporting period for the Commission. This means that at the beginning of June all partners need to have their cost statements ready (see the contract for annex C) which must be supported by the statement of an auditor. In March 2008 material and instructions will be sent to the consortium.

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