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35. WP0: Project Management
March 28th, 2008
An update from Arnaud Burgess on the following issues:

1. We have news from the Commission that the first two contract agreements are approved. Partners will find the updated technical annex on the RETRACK website (under project library, financial and legal).

2. In the coming days I will mail to all Partners the C-form (cost reported for the 1st year of the project). Partners will find it in Annex III "specific provisions related to integrated projects". The last 3 pages have a copy of the Form-C. As a reminder we need this form within 20 days after 1st May. This is needed for the management report which I need to submit to the Commission.

3. I have met again with Theodor Schlickmann. We discussed the successful day we had in Vienna with the Govt Advisory Board where Theodor Schlickmann was also present. The minutes are on the website. The Commission had no objection to our corridor plans. The Commission and the Govt Advisory Board consider the RETRACK pilot as a monitor of quality. They have asked us to do a little "experiment": to ask for a trainpath simultaneously from both a) the national level (maybe one country, for example Germany) and b) in Vienna at the European rail infrastructure manager. I will report directly to WP8.

4. Last but not least, the 12th of April is drawing near so by that time the application for the RETRACK train path should be ready. Action is needed here.

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