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39. Project Management Update April 2008
April 24th, 2008
An update from Arnaud Burgess as we come to the end of RETRACK's first year.

At the time of writing the first year of RETRACK is coming to an end. We have almost finished the research work that was necessary for preparing the pilot. This covered logistics requirements (WP1), state of the art (WP2) and partly new railway concepts (WP3). In this preparatory work it was shown that all signs are on “green” for the demonstration. There are enough market opportunities and technical solutions which can support this development. Also the IT systems (WP4) resulted in a demonstration, which is very promising as it offers railway companies an economical IT solution for working together and also provide customers of the train with the necessary information.

From Project Management there were a number of important meetings that were attended. Most important were the General Assembly and the Workpackage leaders’ meetings on 7th and 8th February 2008. Also during this period two additional contract amendments were sent to the Commission.

More evidence of our progress is the demand for the trainpaths for RETRACK which was filed at the one-stop-shop in Germany and also with the RNE in Vienna. We have also sent a supporting letter to the infra managers with the message that a RETRACK trainpath was requested and that this is supported by the Governmental Advisory Board. In the RETRACK project we have established this Governmental Advisory Board which consists of representatives of DG-Tren, Rail Regulators and Ministries of Transport of the countries along the corridor. A very productive meeting of the Governmental Advisory Board was held on the 14th February 2008. The meeting showed that a concrete demonstration is a productive way to discuss the challenges that the development railway services face.

In the meantime our corridor concept has evolved from a single corridor to a network, in which Duisburg, Vienna and Ludwigshafen play an important role.

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