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40. Press release sent to press contacts
April 25th, 2008
The following press release outlining the RETRACK project's attainment of successful milestones has been sent to our contacts in the freight press.


RETRACK is an international consortium which aims to create a rail corridor between the port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands and the port of Constanza on the Black Sea in Romania. Led by TNO in The Netherlands, RETRACK brings together private rail operators, research organizations (including NewRail at Newcastle University) and several European ministries of transport. In the last few months several successful milestones were reached. These milestones include: 1) the reservation of a seamless rail infrastructure service along the corridor, 2) political alignment along corridor countries to prioritize the RETRACK rail corridor and 3) cooperation between various rail operators to coordinate services along the corridor.

Reservation of seamless rail service

Last week the RETRACK team was successful in reserving a trans-European rail infrastructure corridor. This will drastically reduce the amount of time that it takes to transport goods from North Sea ports to central and Eastern Europe. This means that transport time is no longer an obstacle for transport via rail. This will directly lead to fewer trucks on European highways.

Political alignment along rail corridor

In February, an advisory board comprising representatives of all the countries along the corridor (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania) was brought together in Vienna. Several potential political barriers were broken down to make rail modality a priority for the transportation of goods across Europe. Potential barriers include issues of border crossing, language, international training and tracking and tracing.

Cooperation between private rail operators

In the RETRACK General Assembly meeting in Budapest at the end of January, private rail operators joined forces to make the running of a trans-European rail undertaking possible. In order to make a service, the private rail companies European Bulls, Rail4Chem, Transpetrol, LTE, CER and Servtrans, have joined their resources to fund, promote and physically operate the trains along the corridor. The working together of nationally oriented private railway undertakings in a trans-European context is a unique selling point of the RETRACK project.

More information about the RETRACK project can be found on their website:

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