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43. Trans-European Rail Freight Seminar
June 10th, 2008
Register for the Trans-European Rail Freight Seminar in Delft, The Netherlands, 3 September 2008

The RETRACK project has achieved much in its first year. The rail corridor has been designed, the rail service concept has been developed, as has the ICT system and business model required for the European Rail Freight Corridor. The first trains will run during the pilot which is planned to start in 2009.

Now RETRACK are organizing the Trans-European Rail Freight Seminar in Delft, the Netherlands on 3 September.

Book Now to inform yourself about developments in the RETRACK project. Register by sending your name and contact details to:

The focus of the seminar will be on the challenges of organizing innovative rail transport. Topics will include the current status of state rail developments in the Netherlands, promoting rail transport in the Netherlands, logistics requirements for rail services in Europe from a client perspective, European rail infrastructure state of the art and trans-European business models.

Key attendees at the seminar will come from the Dutch Ministry of Transport, rail shippers, trans-European shipping agencies and academics from across Europe. Everyone is invited to register for this new rail seminar and to bring a contribution to the discussion on how to make trans-European rail freight transport a success.

See the full invitation and agenda in the document below:

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