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4. Intermodal traffic in the fast lane
February 14th, 2007
In the 2006 financial year, the Hupac Group continued its double-digit growth rate in intermodal traffic. The Swiss operator, with headquarters in Chiasso, carried more than 600,000 truck consignments by rail. This corresponds to an increase of 18.0% compared to the previous year, and of 55.2% on a three-year comparison. This indicates a clear success for the Swiss modal shift policy in transalpine transport. It also proves that the policy of railway liberalisation has been a key factor in increasing the attractiveness of railway products.

For the fourth year in a row, Hupac Ltd – Europe’s leading operator in transalpine intermodal rail goods traffic – has reported double-digit traffic growth. In total, Hupac carried 612,488 truck consignments on an average of more than 100 trains per day by rail (+18.0%). Of those, 457,997 were across the Alps (+16.0%), 154,491 rolled from the northern harbours into the European hinterland, or as interconnecting transport inside Italy (+28.0%). In this way, Hupac have again made a significant contribution to modal shift to rail transport.

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