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49. Paper Given at Logistics Research Network Conference
September 16th, 2008
Dewan Islam of NewRail gave two papers to the Logistics Research Network (LRN2008) Conference in Liverpool on 10-12 September 2008. The first is linked to below, the second is in the next news item.

LOGISTICS RESEARCH NETWORK 2008 Conference, Liverpool

Key Issues for Commercial Rail Freight Service in Europe

This conference was held on 10-12th September 2008 in Liverpool. The paper is an outcome of WP2 of the RETRACK project funded by the EC. The authors are: Tom Zunder, Dewan Islam and Phil Mortimer. The paper was presented by Dewan Islam. The Logistics Research Network 2008 Conference Proceedings are edited by Andrew C. Lyons

The objective of the European Commission funded RETRACK project is to conduct research to develop, demonstrate and implement a new commercial rail freight service along the East-West corridor from Constanza to Rotterdam traversing five national railway networks.

The authors have conducted a state-of-the-art literature review and field surveys for this. This paper assesses the current status of rail freight along the RETRACK corridor in terms of transhipment technology and systems, information and communication systems, safety and security of cargo, rolling stock and locomotives, human resources, legislative and regulatory status, and command and control systems.

The study finds that all of the national networks vary in terms of terminal technology and systems, capacity and utilisation, ICT, security of cargo, human resource competence, training requirements, infrastructure capacity and utilisation, and signalling systems. The demonstration of a commercial rail freight service on the corridor will be feasible, competitive, and environmentally benign and will help achieving the long-aspired modal shift.

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