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54. Creating an e-Freight Roadmap for Freight Transport Logistics
January 6th, 2009
One-Day Conference on e-Freight organised by EC - DG TREN - 17th February 2009, Brussels

DG TREN, on behalf of the European Commission and in line with the 2007 Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan, wants to establish a roadmap for the development of an integrated ICT application that is capable of following the movement of goods into, out-of and around the Union. This concept is entitled e-Freight and will operate within and across modes.

A key determinant of efficiency of freight logistics is the capability to draw maximum benefit from information and communication technologies. In this, e-Freight denotes the vision of a paper-free, electronic flow of information associating the physical flow of goods with a paperless trail built by information and communication technologies.

It includes the ability to track and trace freight along its journey across transport modes and to automate the exchange of content-related data for regulatory or commercial purposes.

The conference aims to explore the commercial and policy opportunities that the implementation of e-freight can bring and thereby kick-start the roadmap for its application.

Speakers include:

* the EU Commissioner for Transport, Vice President Tajani

* the Director for the Trans-European Transport Network and Co-Modality, Mr. Jonathan Scheele,

* Leading IATA representatives showing how eFreight works in the air freight sector,

* Representatives from transport and logistics sector (to provide expectations for a European e-Freight initiative, systems/constraints to take into account).

To find out more information on the Conference and to register please : click here Use password: e-freight2009

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