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62. InteGRail presents results at Railtech 31 March
March 25th, 2009
InteGRail will present its results on 31 March 2009 at Railtech in Utrecht/The Netherlands

InteGRail is an Integrated Project, that is a research project addressing a wide number of coordinated objectives in a specific domain. The project is partially funded by the European Commission.

InteGRail deals with railway information systems and their integration for improved overall efficiency and performance of the future European railway system.

As the project is ending in March 2009 this half day conference will be the very last opportunity to see the overall concept of the integrated information platform and its applications, as it was developed in the EU funded research project InteGRail (Intelligent Integration of Railway Systems).

Railtech is offering a 25 % reduction of the 295,- EUR registration fee, i.e. 221,- EUR per participant.

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