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2. Vos Logistics by railway to Hamburg
February 14th, 2007
Vos Logistics is going to start a container railway connection from Veendam to Hamburg. The first train with 85 containers will depart at the beginning of March. Weekly three trains will set off for Hamburg.

Vos Logistics currently transports 1400 containers a week by railway from Veendam to the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and vice versa. With the new connection to Hamburg, Veendam will also become a hub for destinations in Northern and Eastern Europa. The flow of goods will increase. With this the terminal, which is being exploited by Vos Logistics, will become more attractive for shipping companies and customers at the ports. But also for companies in the northern region. Vos Logistics also takes care of the value added logistics activities. The storage and transhipment activities will grow with the new railway connection.

Increasingly importance of railway transport
Transport by railway is becoming more interesting. This is caused by the shortage of wheels in road transport. The ever-increasing congestion, German road taxes and the growing cargo supply from Asia also contribute to this. Between 10,000 and 15,000 containers are currently being transported from the Dutch ports towards Northern Europe. This all takes place by road. Thus sufficient opportunities for railway transport.

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