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68. Romanian Railway Summit
September 21st, 2009
Romanian Railway Summit 6-8 October 2009 - Bucharest

Building a railway business environment in Central and Eastern Europe

6-8 October in Bucharest (RO): The 4th edition of the Romanian Railway Days Summit organised by Club Feroviar, the Romanian Railway Industry Association and Club Metropolitan.

The summit will have as main topic "Building a railway business environment in Central and Eastern Europe" and it will include panel discussions on the opportunities, projects as well as methods to overcome the institutional and technical obstacles that hinder the development of the European railway system.

In 2010, several projects with a value of over EUR 3 Billion will be allocated for the Romanian railways and, following the financing of the European Commission and the European Central Bank, a further EUR 20 Billion will be allocated for project development in Central and Eastern Europe.

Join the over 200 regional and European leaders which participate to the Romanian Railway Days Summit 2009 to access the latest information and offers on the market and to actively participate to the panel discussions specially conceived to treat the main challenges in the railway business environment.

The main topics of the conference are; Implications of the national and European legislation on the railway business environment; Building the European single freight market; European railway corridors support for business development; Re-dimensioning infrastructure management activities manager partnerships forms industry; Upgrading the technical and management elements of the railway infrastructure in order to increase the attractiveness of the railway business environment; Protecting critical infrastructures increasing the attractiveness of the railway transport system; The liberalisation of the European railway passenger transport market opportunities and threats for railway operators; Building a door-to-door transport system railway obligation; The role of rolling stock in optimising railway transport costs; The role of research and development in ensuring the competitive advantage; Ensuring interconnectivity with other long-distance means of transport the way to an increased urban public transport attractiveness; The role of the underground networks in urban mobility; Building urban railway transport networks; Increasing the rolling stock attractiveness and energy efficiency.

Further information on the Romanian Railway Days Summit can be found through this link. Summit Club Feroviar

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