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72. FREIGHTWISE - The Movie
December 4th, 2009
A promotional movie about the FREIGHTWISE project is now available

The Freightwise project is pleased to announce the release of an animated and interactive movie describing the main benefits and advantages of the Freightwise Framework.

This movie is available on the front page of the Freightwise webpage and will run using on almost any browser, operating system or computer with Flash installed.

You can start it, stop it, pause, move forward, skip ahead, like any modern DVD.
(Freightwise website)

(takes you straight into movie)

We also would like to let you know that the movie is also downloadable in two forms, interactive and an endless loop version. This means that you can use it, say for seminars, meetings, lectures, trade shows or even on your own website. Indeed, we hope you do..
(download page)

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