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9. August 2007 New Container Shuttle
August 16th, 2007
Ost-Westfalen-Express begins service A new container block train service Ost-Westfalen-Express (OWX) has started to connect Duisburg and Unna and the ARA ports. Only seagoing containers are being transported. The boxes arrive by inland barge at the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal (RRT) in Duisburg to be loaded onto the rail. The Duisburger Hafen AG is moving the boxes to Unna and vice versa.

Duisburg/Unna, 1 August 2007 – The Ost-Westfalen-Xpress (OWX), a complete train container shuttle operation between Duisburg and Unna, started its service today. The cargo consists exclusively of containers shipped from overseas destinations through the ARA ports. The containers are delivered by barge to the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal in the Port of Duisburg for consolidation and for direct transfer to the shuttle train. duisburg rail, the railroad utility of Duisburger Hafen AG, provides the traction for RRT Rhein-Ruhr Terminal GmbH, the terminal operator, to Unna and back to Duisburg. “We are taking up to 18,000 truck containers per year off the road,” said Duisburger Hafen AG’s Chief Executive Officer Erich Staake. “All of them were previously moved by trucks across the Ruhr region.”

“The first train left the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal this morning on schedule and carried containers for the large warehouses built by industry and trade in the Unna and Kamen areas,” stated Andreas Stolte who is the Managing Director of the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal. The container shuttle service connects Duisburg and Unna on five days a week. duisburg rail runs the train for its customer RRT. Duisburger Hafen AG’s railroad utility contributes many years of local and regional shuttle train experience for major customers such as the Bayer Group and Degussa.

The containers are imported by barge from the sea ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp to the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal where they are consolidated. The shuttle train is loaded during daytime and taken to the Unna Terminal at night where they arrive at 1.30 hours in the early hours of the morning. The trains are immediately unloaded by Logistikzentrum RuhrOst Betreibergesellschaft GmbH’s at the logistic terminal and last day’s empty containers are loaded rapidly. “This procedure minimizes the time the train spends at our terminal,” explained Managing Director Karlheinz Fickermann. Denninghaus (Hamm/Bönen), a forwarder which has been involved in container logistics for over a year organizes the distribution of the containers to customers in the Unna/Kamen region. The customer receives the cargo without a traffic jam for unloading at 5.00 hours in the morning. The train returns to the Rhein-Ruhr Terminal by 10.30 hours in time for all intermodal links to the Western Seaboard on the same day.

The capacity of each train is 72 TEU in each direction. If the train were always fully loaded, it would each year carry 18,000 TEU in each direction and eliminate the need for 18,000 truck journeys. “As of today, these volumes will be handled by the local feeder network of the Port of Duisburg,” the Port’s CEO Erich Staake was happy with the progress made. ”We are particularly happy considering the density of traffic on the Ruhr region’s highway system.” Rhein-Ruhr Terminal GmbH’s Managing Director added: “We are convinced that this innovative approach will take the environmental benefits of combined road-rail transportation a long way down the last mile to the customer.”

Rhein-Ruhr Terminal (RRT) contact:
Andreas Stolte
Tel. (+49) 203/31856-21

Logistikzentrum RuhrOst contact:
Karlheinz Fickermann
Tel. (+49) 2383/92009-78

Duisburger Hafen press contact:
Tobias Metten
Tel. (+49) 203/803-280

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