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89. CCTT signs Memorandum of Understanding with RETRACK
May 23rd, 2011
CCTT (Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation) sign MOU with RETRACK during recent visit to The Netherlands

Members of the Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation (CCTT) visited the Netherlands on 18 - 20 May. The goal of the visit was to exchange views on the development of international transport services between CCTT members, such as Russian Railways RZD, Freight One, Freight Two and Fresco, and the Dutch transport and logistics sector.

The Business Forum that was part of this visit provided an excellent opportunity for the CCTT, hauliers and European transport companies to meet with each other to discuss business opportunities and to stimulate the implementation of new projects in the area of multimodal transport.

The Business Forum was held at the NEA office in Zoetermeer. During the meeting a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to reinforce the cooperation between the CCTT and the RETRACK consortium. The consortium was represented by NEA and TNO. With the signing of the MoU an important boost will be given to the optimisation of goods transport by rail between the EU Member States of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) and China. This cooperation will stimulate an increase in opportunities by ensuring transport with higher quality and better safety between the European and Trans-Siberian rail corridors. Information will be exchanged on best practices in the field of corridor development, contacts will be laid between Russian, Western European and Eastern European hauliers and assistance will be given toward developing a new rail route and goods trains between the EU Member States and the CIS. The RETRACK consortium consists of thirteen partners, these include hauliers and shippers of goods transport by rail, IT and training specialist and various research and development organisations. Retrack, a project financed by the European Commission, was launched in 2007, the goal of the project is to ensure a shift of goods transport from road to rail.

The Business Forum was organised by NEA, the NRCH and CCTT. For more information, please contact Adriaan Roest Crollius on 06 28 72 92 31 or e-mail

See presentations, photo's and the Memorandum of Understanding: /index.cfm/4,837,108,html

Presentations are also available to RETRACK partners via the internal website.

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